5 Things to know about Meghan Markle


5 Things to know about Meghan Markle before she lives happily ever after with her prince charming


  1. Her real name is in fact Rachel. Meghan is her middle name and she changed it to Meghan while climbing the Hollywood ladder


  1. She dated Rory McElroy? Well they were certainly very friendly and did the famous Ice bucket challenge together as well as a dinner date in Dublin

meg and rory


  1. She loves Yoga – Her mom being a famous yoga instructor probably has a little something to do with her passion! Meghan is very serious about yoga and always makes time for it in her life


  1. She used to run a lifestyle blog – The Tig was those with a hunger for food travel fashion and beauty



  1. She’s related to Shakespeare – MyHeritage.com looked into Markle’s family tree following news of the engagement. According to results, she is related to Shakespeare on her father’s side and Shakespeare’s mother’s side. “We are not sure if Ms. Markle is aware of her connection to such eminent Britons, however, it seems that she was always destined to be a Brit,” a spokesperson for MyHeritage.com commented

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