Karen + Stephen


Karen + Stephen

Andrew Byrne Photographer is a legend behind the lens, we were spoilt for choice with photographs of this real wedding. He beautifully captured epic moments of this lake side, out door wedding in the both elegant and cool laid back venue that is Wineport Lodge. It certainly was a help that the bride and groom Karen + Stephen were ridiculously cool and totally in to each other. The love and laughter they shared through the day will have you beaming from ear to ear.

Karen + Stephen are clearly a couple with style as their choice of location and decor for their wedding day is just perfect. The rich bright floral and foliage in their flowers, the neutral tones of the bridesmaid and add in sophisticated fashion for both bride and groom- it’s a veritable feast for the eyes.

Karen looked both elegant and sultry walking down the aisle in her Prospere gown from our French wedding dress designer Delphine Manivet ( exclusive to Kadee bride Ireland ) and there as proud as punch & looking James Bond like was her groom Stephen.

There are not too many more words to describe how epic this wedding looks, so we will let the photographs do the talking.

001-image-wineport-bride-morning 076-image-wineport-wedding-party-glasson

020-image-glasson-groomsmen-wineport-lake 021-image-glasson-groomsmen-wineport-lake

027-image-wineport-first-look-wedding-on-lake 030-image-wineport-first-look-wedding-on-lake 032-image-wineport-first-look-wedding-on-lake  034-image-wineport-first-look-wedding-on-lake 038-image-wineport-first-look-wedding-on-lake 040-image-wineport-first-look-wedding-on-lake


052-image-wedding-glasson-couples-shoot 051-image-wedding-glasson-couples-shoot 056-image-wedding-glasson-couples-shoot   060-image-wedding-glasson-couples-shoot 072-image-wineport-wedding-party-glasson

067-image-wedding-glasson-villager-bridal-party 066-image-wedding-glasson-villager-bridal-party



And when it comes to that first kiss as husband and wife there are two camps – you either go all out and love it or it can be an awkward nose to check nose to ear moment.

Well I think it is safe to say, without a shadow of doubt Karen + Stephen loved it and nailed it.


112-image-wineport-wedding-party-glasson  120-image-wineport-wedding-party-glasson

151-image-wineport-wedding-speeches  049-image-wedding-glasson-couples-shoot




And they live happily ever after 


Katt + Dee xx

Katt + Dee Kadee bride




Wedding Venue: Wineport Lodge

Wedding Photographer: Andrew Byrne

Wedding Flowers: A Room in Bloom

Wedding Hair: Koka Hair Salon

Wedding Make up: Sorcha O Dowd Make Up Artist