Laura + Brian

Laura + Brian

From the moment Laura chose her wedding dress with us , you’ll see why but were pretty excited to see her wedding pictures. As I sit here putting together the most amazing sun filled destination wedding, I can’t help but wish I was at this cool + unique day. I always say it when I come across a fab venue or  amazing wedding pics like these but ‘ I really need to get married again’ , I would do it abroad too and I know you will feel the same when you scroll on.

LauraandBrianwedding165of935  LauraandBrianwedding164of935  LauraandBrianwedding169of935 LauraandBrianwedding170of935 LauraandBrianwedding171of935  LauraandBrianwedding072of935

Brian + Laura married in Quinta Do Lago  one of our favourite stops when we holiday in Portugal Bovino. Then there is the style – our kadee real bride Laura rocked her bespoke Suzanne Neville gown exclusive to Kadee, perfect for her location. And the bridesmaid soft and dreamy. And lets not forget the groom very cool + preppy in his navy jacket and chinos – honestly this wedding party is screaming squad goals.  Pinning fingers at the ready !


LauraandBrianwedding143of935 LauraandBrianwedding148of935 LauraandBrianwedding153of935 LauraandBrianwedding156of935

LauraandBrianwedding163of935 LauraandBrianwedding180of935

LauraandBrianwedding181of935 LauraandBrianwedding214of935 LauraandBrianwedding237of935 LauraandBrianwedding240of935 LauraandBrianwedding295of935 LauraandBrianwedding302of935 LauraandBrianwedding331of935 LauraandBrianwedding334of935 LauraandBrianwedding335of935 LauraandBrianwedding341of935 LauraandBrianwedding343of935 LauraandBrianwedding457of935 LauraandBrianwedding501of935 LauraandBrianwedding606of935 LauraandBrianwedding608of935 LauraandBrianwedding609of935 LauraandBrianwedding617of935 LauraandBrianwedding618of935 LauraandBrianwedding628of935 LauraandBrianwedding640of935 LauraandBrianwedding641of935 LauraandBrianwedding659of935 LauraandBrianwedding672of935

LauraandBrianwedding675of935 LauraandBrianwedding801of935 LauraandBrianwedding806of935 LauraandBrianwedding807of935 LauraandBrianwedding809of935 LauraandBrianwedding811of935 LauraandBrianwedding817of935 LauraandBrianwedding821of935


Oh man these pictures get us every time.  A huge congratulations Laura you were beyond amazing and thank you for letting us be part of your wedding – the hubby Brian is a lucky guy. Best wishes

Katt + Dee xx