Lisa Cannon has a small, intimate wedding blessing

In an exclusive interview in RSVP Lisa Cannon shares a small, intimate wedding blessing to celebrate her 2nd year wedding anniversary to hubby Richard Keatley

When Lisa and Richard married two years ago in Florence we were delighted to help Lisa chose her wedding dress – she wore a bespoke Suzanne Neville gown from here at Kadee bride

So it was a no brainer when Lisa came to us and shared that her and Richard were having this private blessing in the Maldives
Speaking to RSVP, Lisa explained: “It was a tiny blessing just the two of us for fun, joy, celebration of a new chapter and good luck ahead for our two year wedding anniversary.
Lisa Cannon RSVP Kadee Bride blessing


lisa cannon maldives

When Lisa described the location and ideas she had with us the ‘Florent’ dress from our exclusive French designer Delphine Manivet ticked all the boxes

Lisa Cannon Kadee Bride Maldives RSVP

She told RSVP in her exclusive interview
“Deirdre was so good to me. Its where I got my actual wedding dress.”
“It was a Delphine Manivet dress. It was fresh, very simple and elegant for the blessing. I loved it.”

Lisa Cannon RSVP Kadee Bride


Lisa + Richard Maldives


Congrats guys I’m sure you had an amazing time
Love and Happiness xx
Katt + Dee



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