Steph + Colin

Steph + Colin

Hold onto your hats girls as this Italian wedding in Lake Garda is full of style, adorable moments and plenty of Amore ♥


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Let’s start by talking about our bride Stephanie(Steph) – a girl who lights up a room, whose smile is infectious and you can’t help but want to be besties with the minute you meet her. Thanks to the wedding gods Steph became a kadee real bride and fell in love with our bespoke Suzanne Neville gown  to marry her man Colin in the stunning back drop of Lake Garda, Italy.

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The smiles, tender moments and general adorableness were all captured by Thomas Sunderland  

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‘From start to finish my experience in Kadee bridal was just perfect. Kathleen and Deirdre you are incredible ladies, you are both so kind, so reassuring and so professional. And Getting to meet Suzanne herself was very special. Here’s a few little snaps people sent me when I get the professional proper ones I send them on. ‘

Thank you for everything 
Stephanie o’Dwyer Kilkenny 


Wishing the fabulous Steph and her handsome hubbs Colin so much love and happiness, thank you for choosing kadee bride x


Katt + Dee xx