Tv3’s Lisa Cannon marries Richard Keatley

Lisa in Kadee


Lisa Cannon’s wedding gown from Kadee bride 

Here it is ladies, the inside scoop we have on the wedding of year and it is a wedding and a half! A truly elegant and sophisticated affair full to bursting with a whole host of talented suppliers directed by none other than the bride herself. Bride Lisa has confessed to us that she put her heart and soul into the planning of her (and Richard’s) wedding and the result was just stunning. If you like your weddings full of pretty pink and blush details then you’re going to love Lisa’s and Richards’s big day. The beautiful and traditional wedding day in Florence is just pure eye candy.

We just can’t stop ogling at how gorgeous Lisa looked in her amazing Suzanne Neville gown from Kadee Bride Athlone it just screams fairy-tale princess and Lisa played that role like ever the leading lady.Off course no princess is complete without her modern day glass slipper a pair of sparkly Jimmy Choos, and her prince charming Richard looking handsomely delicious in his Tom Ford suit.

The soft minks and dusky pinks in the flower arrangements were stunning – but then the bride didn’t expect anything less from Josephine Higginbotham (Wedding flowers by Josephine).

Everything So sophisticated and So romantic and all the tender moments cleverly captured by photographer John Ryan and the dreamy details caught on film by Videographer: Alessandro Gattone from AG Studio Videography. Enjoy all the details and pics of this glorious wedding and prepare to swoon…….ALOT!



lisa-cannon-wedding-this-is-where-our-story-begins-sign lisa-cannon-richard-keatley-wedding-ceremony-florence-lighting-candle lisa-cannon-wedding-ceremony-florencelisa-cannon-wedding-bridal-party


(in no particular order 😉   Thee ever amazing Bridal Gown/Gowns

I tried many dresses (like all brides to be) in my quest to find ‘thee one’ and because I wear a lot of evening wear with my job on Xpose I wanted something very special. I have worn Suzanne Neville gowns on the red carpet in the past and am in love with her designs but off course I still had to see what else was out there. I started the hunt for the dress to be honest I wasn’t sure what I wanted at all, I tried maybe three or four shops around the country and travelled to London once to see if Vera Wang worked or one step further Vivienne Westwood. Although stunning pieces, in my heart of hearts I was looking for something even more classic and suited to me and my body shape. I was very torn between the full skirt and the slinky, so much so that this went on for months, but after much deliberation I knew I wanted something swooping, old Hollywood, glamourous and class and the ONLY designer that has made me feel a million dollars was Suzanne Neville. I worked with Suzanne through Deirdre Kelly from Kadee Bride in Athlone who stocks all of Suzanne’s dresses here in Ireland to create a bespoke dress that was both elegant and timeless. Deirdre is a friend of mine for many years and I trusted her experience, guidance and advice when deciding on the design for my dress she has always been wonderful to me. Dee has a great eye ­­­and is excellent at her job, Kadee bride is not just about selling the wedding dress it’s about dressing each bride to suit their individual style while creating a memorable experience (#KadeeExperience)

 I tried on the range of dresses in Kadee Bride in Athlone with Deirdre and then decided one evening when Suzanne herself was over in Ireland for her annual designer day at Kadee bride what we would go for, it was an easy decision and I modified a version of one of her classics ‘Paradise’ – how blessed! I changed the bodice to a crisp white crepe and added a diamanté encrusted shoulder and back detail which was accompanied by an old Hollywood style encrusted waist belt to match and voila – the bespoke dress was complete! I felt like a princess when I put the dress on, it was like magic! We nailed it, it felt perfect on and was so comfortable too. I was so happy to be in it and couldn’t stop looking at it for days in the run up to the wedding.

lisa-cannon-richard-keatley-wedding-outside-church lisa-cannon-susanne-neville-wedding-dress lisa-cannon-richard-keatley-wedding-day-florence-Italy Lisa Jimmy Choos LIsa Kadee profile VIPLisa in Brompton VIPLisa suite and dressfirst glance at Lisa 1Lisa profile in VIPLisa dancing in VIPLisa and Richard VIPLisa bride and groom VIP


The Diet

There is nobody more motivated than a bride to be! So I joined Body Health & Fitness in Dublin in January 2015 but to be honest I was beginning to loose interest by June/July and with my work schedule and wedding planning time was not on my side so my gym attendance plummeted. From here I just had to concentrate soling on my diet so a lot of soups and salads and probably with a combination of all the running around the weight fell and I became known to my dad as ‘skinny Lisa’ ……..I loved it. It was hard work and you have to be very disciplined as it is all about the diet. For example there were meetings in Florence a few days beforehand with all the gang to make sure that we knew what they were doing whilst and I was on my last stint at curbing carbs (which mind you is enough to send ANYONE doolally – especially in Pizza/Pasta heaven – Italy).

The Venue

We were always going to go abroad for our wedding as we really wanted the weather! So we travelled all over France and then my dad suggested Florence. As soon as we visited we both fell in love and the castle was a no brainer, it was close to all amenities and it was so Italian.

The Beauty

Pre wedding I had regular facials and treatments with Monkstown laser clinic and the lady of the moment was free-lance make-up artist the lovely Aimee Connolly who is superb at making any bride look flawless and kept me nice and calm on the morning. We had played around with colours before but on the day I left it up to Aimee (she’s a real pro and again; another young lady who has cornered the market and I had utter faith in her that the makeup would be perfect which it was. It was beautiful).

The Hair

 I had the wonderful David Reynolds for Hair from ‘Zeba’ who is the coolest hairdresser you could meet; he is fantastic, has a superb eye and is so calming. He’s fast becoming one of the most sought after hairdressers and at only 22 his talents exceed him. I knew he would nail it for me on the day as I had wanted the Old Hollywood wave which I knew he could do in his sleep.

The Photographer

Was none other than John Ryan. John had been my cousins photographer and when we visited his studio and seen his work we were blown away. I couldn’t have thought of a better person to take every frame of the big day. I’m very used to the camera so it came as a welcome friend the morning of my wedding and I didn’t feel nervous about it.

The Video (which is amazing ‘a must see’)

Alessandro Gattone from AG Studio Videography in Italy. I simply love the video and Allessandro was amazing on the day extremely professional. See a short clip here

The Entertainment

There is no way I could have had the wedding without them and they went above and beyond in Italy to ensure that the wedding was fantastic! Shane McGrath, the lead singer from the band ‘Harlequin’ is one of the coolest guys you could meet – but not only that he serenaded myself and Richard for 15 minutes on our own on the wedding day over a glass of champagne and indeed then ROCKED the Castello di Vincigliata on the night itself until the wee hours. What a legend! We had him strumming to ‘All You Need is Love’ by the Beatles as I walked up the aisle and his band were knockout – so good in fact we nearly got plugged out of the Castle because we were too loud! Quite Rock ‘n’ Roll I might add – and we have now all become good friends these past few months! Many thought it was nuts to have an Irish band over in Florence but there is nothing like an Irish loud cool rock band complete with an electric lead singer and so, when we had all 9 of them there with all the guitars, the drums and mics, it was a proper stage set up and the party really really got started. It was phenomenal on the night and the castle open air venue really lent itself to the fine tuning of a proper loud and proud Irish band – I was over the moon as music is so important to me, so it was perfect!! Everyone was raving about them and I even belted out ‘Satisfaction’ from the Rolling Stones! Shane introduced Richard and I on to the dancefloor and helped us perform our first dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ by Marc Ronson – yes we had a fun crazy cuckoo dance which needless to say got a few laughs!

Favourite moment

  • In the morning when I first saw my dad we both got so teary and emotional – it was a lovely tender moment and all he kept saying was ‘you look so beautiful’. I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life, it was so special
  • At the ceremony I loved that we faced our guests
  • At the reception when we released the white balloons in honour of my mother. Emotional and special moment for me.

Lisa’s advice to brides to be

It is never too early, start the planning and organising as soon as you can. There is a lot involved especially if you are taking control like me!

I said to myself……..

it was simple, I was marrying the man I loved and cherished and I had my family and friends to support us both. It’s a special feeling and even if the cars didn’t start or someone forgot to bring their hat or someone was late, it all faded into the background when you actually understand that it’s a precious few hours of your life, so take control of them and don’t sweat the small stuff – simply relish in the fact that you’re doing something wonderful and enjoy!


Don’t forget our annual Suzanne Neville designer day is January 16th. Like Lisa you can meet with Suzanne here in store and enjoy the help and guidance from the designer herself. 

Happy shopping :)

Katt & Dee