Who is our Festival Bride?

Who is our festival bride?

The girl who wants a party not a wedding!!  She is relaxed, cool and effortless in style, perhaps a little more fashion forward, this bride wants to party with her friends, let her hair down, and have fun!



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As festival season is in full swing we have jumped on the band wagon. We have pulled some pieces from the high street to style up your festival vibe on your big day

From flower crowns, pom poms, and feathers see how you can create that perfect cool boho festival bridal look ….with styling help from Katt + Dee



Topshop Mix Feather Collar

Topshop Riot Feather Collar

Topshop Feather Cape

Topshop Paradise Jacket

Topshop Hair braid Topshop Sequin Capelet Topshop Stud Ear Rings Topshop Cropped Feather Gillet Topshop Blue Tassel Neck piece Topshop Face Stickers


All above pieces are from the oh so festival shop at Topshop online. Shop here 


Asos Boohoo Fextival jacket

Asos Orelia Star tattoo

Asos Ribbon and Asher

These 3 pieces above are from the cool festival shop at Asos online. Shop here

Office Hunter pale blue


No festival wedding is complete without out the Hunter Wellies …….your something blue shop these from Office online here 


Happy Shopping all our festival boho brides :)

Katt + Dee